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Media Credit: Steve Korn

What is the difference between a BA and a BFA?

A BFA is a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a BA is a Bachelor of Arts. A BFA will typically require that the majority of courses come from theater, music, and dance whereas a BA is a more general degree in which many other university courses across various disciplines are incorporated. The University of Washington only offers a BA in musical theater.

How many students does the Musical Theater program accept each year?

We currently accept 10-12 students each year.

Do you offer scholarships for incoming students?

Unfortunately the Musical Theater program does not offer any scholarships for incoming freshman.

What is required in the audition for this program?

UW Musical Theater uses the online Acceptd application for preliminary auditions into the program. For the online auditions you will need to prepare two 32-bar contrasting vocal selections from the musical theater repertoire. One song should be legit style and the other should show your vocal belt/mix. You will also need to prepare a 45 second contemporary monologue, two dance combinations, and submit a 1-2 page essay explaining why you want to pursue musical theater training at a liberal arts institution. For more information about auditions, visit our Auditions page.

Can I apply for the Musical Theater program before I’ve been admitted into the University of Washington?

In order to be accepted into the Musical Theater program, you must also be accepted academically to the University of Washington. Admission to UW involves an online application directly to the undergraduate Office of Admissions: Please note that acceptance into the musical theater program DOES NOT guarantee academic acceptance into the University of Washington. 

Do you accept transfer students into the Musical Theater program?

Yes, we welcome transfer students. In addition to submitting online materials through Acceptd, you must also apply to the University of Washington as a transfer student.

Is it possible to double major?

Yes, but it is difficult and requires careful planning. If you are hoping to double major in Musical Theater and another discipline, schedule an appointment with the academic advisor, Caitlin Goldbaum as early as possible.

Is it possible to study abroad?

Yes, but it will require some careful planning. Summer is often the best time to schedule a study abroad experience. Current majors are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the academic advisor, Caitlin Goldbaum as early as possible.

Can I participate in an internship as a UW Musical Theater student?

Yes, we strongly encourage students to seek internships with one of the many professional musical theater companies in Seattle. The UW Musical Theater program partners with The 5th Avenue Theatre, Broadway Bound, and Village Theatre. Students can earn academic credit for an internship experience.

Where do I go for advising for the Musical Theater program?

The Musical Theater program has a dedicated academic advisor, Caitlin Goldbaum who is available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. Appointments are encouraged, but drop-ins are also welcome. The advising office is located the lower level of Hutchinson Hall, room 129. For specific questions about registration for dance and music classes, contact Kelly Canaday in the dance department or Jennifer Grahl Miller in the music department.

What performance opportunities are available to students in the Musical Theater program?

The Musical Theater program annually puts on one musical each year. All musical theater majors are encouraged to audition. Students are also welcome to audition for any of the productions put on by the School of Drama. In addition to departmental productions, musical theater students can audition for shows put on by student organizations such as the Undergraduate Theater Society and Stage Notes. For students interested in singing opportunities on campus, there are a number of audition and non-audition vocal ensembles available, including the Chamber Singers, University Chorale, and University Singers. The Dance Student Association is an RSO devoted to fostering a supportive dance community at the University of Washington and offers master classes and events throughout the year.