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University of Washington

BA in Musical Theater


The Musical Theater curriculum will cultivate and nurture the creative artistry of highly motivated students who wish to develop their combined talent as singers, actors and dancers. Students who major in Musical Theater will experience a dynamic program of coursework, performance-based projects, faculty and student-directed productions, and workshops with guest artists. Students will be expected to fully integrate their rigorous training with the outstanding liberal arts education they receive at the University of Washington to become well-rounded and marketable musical theater artists.

For more information about courses and registration contact Caitlin Goldbaum, undergraduate advisor: or Wilson Mendieta, Program Director:

Admission to the program is by audition only. 

Required Courses

Arts 150 Gateway to Musical Theater (1 cr)

Acting and Play Analysis (15 cr)

  • Drama 201 Plays and Styles
  • Drama 251 Acting
  • Drama 252 Acting

Production Experience (1 cr): Choose one from Drama 290 Crew or Dance 271 Crew

Dance Technique (14-15 cr)

  • Dance 107-203 Ballet I/II
    • 6 credits, at least 2 credits at the 200 level. Classes should be taken consecutively.
  • Dance 210-212 Jazz & Musical Theater Dance II
    • 6 credits at the 200 level.
  • Dance 125 or 225 Tap I/II

Music Theory, Keyboard, and Vocal Technique (12 cr)

  • Music 116 Elementary Music Theory
  • Musap 133 Basic Keyboard
    • Prerequisite: Music 116. Keyboard should be taken the quarter after theory.
  • Musicp 320 Private Instruction: Voice
    • Minimum 6 credits, may take additional quarters if desired.

Musical Theater Technique (7 cr)

  • Drama 490 B Acting Through Song
    • Prerequisites: Drama 201, Drama 251, Musicp 320
  • Dance 371 Musical Theater Repertory 
    • Prerequisites: Drama 201, Drama 251, Musicp 320, 200 level ballet and jazz. Minimum 4 credits.

Musical Theater History (5 cr)

Electives (10 cr): To be selected in consultation with the advisor.

INDIV 493 Musical Theater Capstone  (5 cr)

TOTAL CREDITS: 68 credits minimum